Vehicle Diminished Value


Ever experienced the shock at a car dealer when you want to trade in your gently used vehicle and they tell you how much it is worth? Oh, yes, that one accident, five years before, when an overzealous driver behind you made contact with your rear bumper - CarFax reported it, and the dealer knocks off a few thousand because the car was damaged and repaired. You have the right to attempt to recover this loss of value in your vehicle at the time of the loss. The first step is getting a fair report of how much value has been lost. We produce a Diminished Value report to determine the dollar amount, based on thorough research specifically for your vehicle. This can be used to negotiate with the insurance company, either by you or an attorney you may use to represent you if necessary.

Claims-Plus has experience in damage and repair, market values across the United States, and other factors that are considered when evaluating the amount of loss.The consultation is free! Call 256-379-5820 ext 201 to see if what we can do is right for your situation. If we can't assist, we will be up front with you about that, too. It doesn't hurt to ask. Damage does affect the value of your vehicle.

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