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Vehicle Diminished Value

Any time your privately, or your company owned, vehicle is damaged in an accident, you have the right to claim for the loss of value you experience due to that accident. You may not realize there was a loss - until you want to trade in or resell that vehicle. Learn how to attempt recovery for what you lose. We can put reasonable numbers in your hands with our Diminished Value reports, researched thoroughly and considering all variables available.

Attorney Services

We know you want to expore all the options to better present the case for your clients. Claims-Plus has the background and knowledge to investigate and analyze factors in accident cases, including possible manufacturer’s defects, for reasonable report prices. Our Diminished Value reports can also contribute to finding a dollar loss amount to the vehicle involved, which helps you address another often overlooked loss to your client.

Document Distribution

Does your company systematically distribute documents, or print on demand documents? We have the resources to print, store, and distribute your documents for either case. Maybe your employees could be putting their talents to use in another area. It is worth considering if your company handles large amounts of documents.