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Offering to help clients with loss cases is the specialty of many attorneys. Exploring all options available is the benchmark of a few who are up to date on what losses can be wrapped in a case. The concept of Vehicle Diminished Value is relatively new,  but is growing in recognition as a true loss to a vehicle owner when their property is damaged, especially by another person at fault. Our Diminished Value report can be a part of what you claim for your client. We have reasonable rates, and fast turnaround time. The consistent approach used in our detailed research offers realistic values, accepted by many insurance companies. Consider a Diminished Value report to show the client you have all their needs in mind.

Some of the clients you represent may have more specific loss than just vehicle damage. Lost value, loss of work, or medical injuries are common with an accident. That is something we have the experience with, to assist you. Years of bodywork and technical training on vehicle repair have helped us determine causes of accidents and damage evaluation of possible vehicle defects. If you need our investigative expertise on that aspect of your case, please give us a call, or use our contact form.

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